Boys Gymnastics Team

The goal of EGA's Men's Gymnastics program is to bring our young athletes to their fullest potential in competitive gymnastics.

Our competitive team program puts an emphasis on discipline, perseverance, mental awareness, and team unity. Our highly experienced coaching staff is dedicated to offer each gymnast the best professional instruction in competitive USA Gymnastics. They are extremely passionate about their role in guiding gymnasts through training and helping them develop into strong, disciplined athletes both mentally and physically.

Our competitive boys team members practice 6-15 hours per week.

EGA Families!

EGA is CLOSED December 24th, 25th, 30th, 31st, & January 1st. We will not hold Special Events, Open Gym, Recreational Classes, or Team Practices these dates.

We are proud to announce Shea Dickerson (Boys Team) as our April Student of the Month!

Shea's favorite event is Pommel Horse because "It does not hurt my hands and I am so smooth on it." His favorite gymnastics skill is a Giant on P-Bars! Shea started doing gymnastics 5 years ago. To date, his biggest gymnastics accomplishment is "Being a Future Star". Although cleaning his skills up can be challenging at times, Shea loves jumping on the trampoline! Not a lot of people know he likes Lacrosse! When Shea is not at the gym, he enjoys playing Street Hockey.


Keep up the good work, Shea!


We are proud to announce Tanner Simonton (Boys Team) as our June 2016 Student of the Month!

Congratulations, Level 8 Boys Team for bringing home the 7th Place Team trophy (out of 29 Teams)! Individual highlights for our Level 8's include:

AGES 11-12 (out of 52):

  • Seth Dickerson: 6th on Pommel

AGES 13-14:

Congratulations, Level 6 Boys Team for bringing home the 4th Place Team trophy! Individual highlights for our Level 6's include:

AGES 7-8: 

  • Amani Blessman: 2nd AA; 1st on Floor, Rings, & P Bars; 5th on Pommel, Vault, & High Bar
  • Shea Dickerson: 7th AA; 4th on High Bar, 5th on Floor, 7th on Pommel & Vault, 9th on Rings, 10th on P Bars
  • Lucas Carlson: 8th AA; 3rd on High Bar, 5th on Rings, 8th on Pommel, 10th on Floor & Vault

AGE 10: 

  • Riley Blaylark: 4th on Floor, 8th on P Bars, 10th on Rings
  • Adam Asleson: 7th on Floor, 8th on Vault


Congratulations Boys! We are so proud of you all!


Congratulations, Level 5 Boys Team! Individual highlights for our Level 5's include:

AGES 11+ (Out of 32) :

Congratulations to our Level 8 Boys for bringing home the 4th place team trophy; winning 3rd on Pommel & High Bar, 4th on Rings, Vault, & P Bars! Individual highlights include:

AGES 11 & 12:

Congratulations to our Level 6 Boys for bringing home the 1st place team trophy winning 1ST ON ALL 6 EVENTS! Individual highlights include:

AGES 7 & 8:

Congratulations to our Level 5 Boys Team for earning 6th place team (out of 15), winning 2nd on Vault, 3rd on Floor, and 4th on Pommel! Individual highlights include:

AGE 7:

Congratulations to our Level 4 Boys Team for earning 4th place team (out of 14), winning 3rd on Vault & P Bars, 4th on Floor, and 5th on High Bar! Individual highlights include:

AGE 6:


Boys Team Coaches

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