June 2018 Student of the Month: BRONACH!

We are proud to announce Bronach Curry (Xcel Gold Team) as our June Student of the Month!

Bronach's favorite event is Beam because "It challenges me because the beam is only 4 inches wide which makes it much harder to land my skills. When I land those skills I feel excited and proud of myself!" Her favorite gymnastics skill is "a back-handspring on beam or a round-off back-handspring on floor". Bronach started gymnastics when she was 4 years old, doing cartwheels and handstand all the time. While over coming mind blocks can be challenging, Bronach still loves working hard and pushing herself to perfect her goals and working with Coach Kenzi to learn new and more challenging routines. To date, her biggest gymnastics accomplishment is "Going vertical on the floor and getting my round-off back-handspring back-tuck. I am also proud of placing 2nd overall at Regionals this year.". Not a lot of people know Bronach is a total beach girl... She likes surfing, collecting shells, walking on the beach, boogie boarding, snorkeling, and being out doors. When she is not at the gym... She's hanging out with her friends, going on many adventures, and reading books from The Land of Stories series!

Keep up the good work, Bronach!