Flip Force Program

Flip Force is an individualized, recreational Trampoline & Tumbling (T&T) course created for the non-traditional gymnast and uses trampolines, double-mini, Tumble Trak, and floor. These classes are perfect for conditioning, enhancing tumbling skills, and increasing strength needed for other sports and activities, such as cheerleading, dance, marital arts, snowboarding, skiing, Parkour, wrestling, etc.

BEGINNER Class is an introduction to T&T skills for kids ages 5 & up. Participants will learn their forward roll, backward roll, cartwheel, handstand, jump technique, and basic jump on trampoline and double-mini (no flips).

INTERMEDIATE Class focuses on individual tumbling skills for kids ages 9 & up. Prerequisites for this class include: able to hold a bridge for 30 seconds; able to do at least 30 jumps on blocks; able to hold a handstand with straight legs and pointed toes for one minute against a wall.

ADVANCED Class is our most advanced level of Flip Force. Students registering for Advanced must have a standing back-handspring on floor AND a round-off back-handspring connection on floor - both skills with good form and consistent performance.

Flip Force Program

2018 Summer Session - 10 Weeks

2018 Summer Session - 10 Weeks

2018 Summer Session - 10 Weeks


  • Receive $30 off a 2nd recreational class during a session.
  • OR Receive 50% off a 2nd recreational DAY-TIME class during a Session (excludes pre-team).
  • See a Front Desk Staff Member for further details.


  • Register and pay for 2 consecutive Sessions at the same time, and receive a FREE EGA T-SHIRT!


  • Register and pay for 3 consecutive Sessions at the same time, receive a FREE MEMBERSHIP!


  • Register and pay for an entire year, and receive a FREE 8 WEEK SESSION!