Virtual Classes

EGA Virtual classes

Virtual Classes at EGA are filled with live interactive engagement with our top-notch, professional and dedicated Gymnastics Coaches and Ninja Trainers. During class, they will teach their athletes select skills (based on their Level), drills/activities to improve or build a skill and strength, conditioning, and stretching exercises!

Get moving with EGA TODAY! Registration is available online below or you can email us at for assistance.

Once you are registered online, you will receive an email with your login credentials for your EGA Portal. When it is time for class, log-in your portal and go to your student, next simply select CLICK HERE to Join Your Virtual Class. Zoom can be accessible on a phone, laptop, tablet, or our favorite... Streamed to the living room TV!

You will receive an email every Saturday (and upon enrollment) detailing what your child will need for class in the coming week (could be a stuffed animal or bean bag, broomstick, pillow, etc... We will give you substitute options too!). 

UH OH! Did you miss your class? That's okay! You will receive a replay link to work on the activities we did live when it is convenient for you!

Virtual Classes Schedule

Virtual Classes Schedule


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