August 2017 Student of the Month: JAYLA!

We are proud to announce Jayla Kral (JO Girls Level 2 Team) as our August Student of the Month!

Jayla's favorite event is Vault because "I like jumping on the spring board." Her favorite gymnastics skill is a Back-Bend Kick-Over on Floor. Jayla started gymnastics when she was only 2 years old. To date, her biggest gymnastics accomplishment is "Doing my Mill Circle on Bars by myself!". Although pull-ups are challenging at times, Jayla loves her Team, her Coach, and learning new things. Not a lot of people know Jayla loves to ride her bike! When Jayla is not at the gym, she enjoys Swimming, Playing Games with her family (like Go Fish, Memory, and Old Maid), and reading books like 'Rainbow Fairy' and 'Berenstain Bears'.

Keep up the good work, Jayla!