June 2017 Student of the Month: ALANA!

We are proud to announce Alana Oden (JO Girls Level 3 Team) as our June Student of the Month!

Alana's favorite event is Bars because "I get to work on the pit bar." Her favorite gymnastics skill is a Kip on Bars! Alana started gymnastics when she was only 5 years old. To date, her biggest gymnastics accomplishment is "Getting my back-walkover on Beam!!". Although keeping up with her big sisters can be challenging at times, Alana loves flipping on the trampoline and getting new skills! Not a lot of people know she has EIGHT pet chickens! When Alana is not at the gym, she enjoys jumping on the trampoline with friends and reading books from the 'Breyer horse series'.


Keep up the good work, Alana!