School Support Camps

School Support Camps

EGA will offer School Support Camps starting in September for boys and girls, grades K-8.

We know that parents may need to work or have children who are eager to safely connect and build relationships with others their age. EGA has the perfect solution! We are offering small on-site distance learning support camps for our families.

Michele Lukanen, a licensed educator, will oversee the distance learning support. She holds a major in elementary education, a concentration in early childhood, and a masters in K-12 school administration. Prior to working at Elite, she spent 15 years teaching everything from infants through eighth grade in private schools. Michele taught all subjects while teaching in Elementary and Middle Schools.

A Day at a Glance 8:30am-3:30pm: 
- Distance Learning Support per district (schedules may vary per child)
- Active Fun Time
- Art/Craft Time
- Outside Time (when the weather permits)
- Lunch Time
- Snack Times

You will be welcome to enroll for an entire week(s) or select specific day(s) per week, and you can choose between Full Day or Half Day (8:30am-12:00pm or 12:00-3:30pm)! 


  • Full Day: $295 per Week (Siblings receive $30 off/Week)
  • Half Day: $185 per Week (Siblings receive $10 off/Week)


  • Full Day: $65 per Day
  • Half Day: $40 per Day

We will also offer late pick-up 3:30-4:30pm where children will have more active time spent in the gym ($10 per Day)! 


The EGA School Support Camp child care program is not licensed or supervised by DHS. We are compliant with health and safety guidlines established by the Minnesota Department of Health.

SSC Camps Schedule

Full Day Camps - SSC

Half Day Morning Camps - SSC

Half Day Afternoon Camps - SSC