Frequently Asked Questions - Fun Activities

Q: Can I stay to watch my child?

Of course, we love our parents to stay and watch! You’re welcome to observe your child in our glassed-in lobby for main gym students or behind the cubbies in our tots’ gym for our preschool classes (non-participating parents are not to enter the gym). We request parents to refrain from coaching his/her children during class to avoid embarrassing the child and disrupting class.

If you have any concerns about your child’s class, please talk to the front desk or a manager.

Q: What should my child wear to class?

Some Programs have its own attire requirements. In general, for girls’ gymnastics, we recommend wearing a body leotard (no skirt) – shorts and footless tights are allowed. For boys’ gymnastics, we recommend wearing a t-shirt tucked into stretch pants or elastic waist cotton shorts. Long hair should be pulled away from the face into a pony-tail with an elastic band. For your child’s safety hair clips, barrettes, other hair accessories, hair glitter, gel, spray-on hair color, or excessively oily hair products are not permitted.

All students are barefoot during class. Parents are welcome to wear socks in the gym when participating in class.

Only stud earrings are permitted. All dangling jewelry must be removed before participating in class.

Q: How do I find out if EGA is closed due to inclement weather?

We immediately post closing information to the EGA website and EGA’s Facebook Page: Our voicemail will also state we are closed.

Q: What can I do for EGA?
  • Refer a friend! We will grant you a $15 EGA credit PER newly enrolled student.
  • Write a positive Facebook Review! We will grant you a $10 EGA credit.
    • 1 review per family
  • Write a positive Google Review! We will grant you a $10 EGA credit.
    • 1 review per family
Q: Why does EGA need my e-mail address?

As our company becomes more automated and green conscience, e-mailing is becoming our preferred form of communication (inform you of important billing information, facility closings, special events, and promotions); therefore, your e-mail address is required upon registration.

Your e-mail address will allow you to log-in to your Customer Portal to access your personal details at EGA. You can make a payment, update your account, change your billing information, change your password, add a student to a waitlist, view your fees and payments, check your child’s current enrollment, register for Special Events at EGA (Parents’ Night Out, EGA FUN Night, Day Camps), schedule a birthday party, register for classes, and receive important messages or contact our Front Desk staff.