Flip Force Program

Flip Force is an individualized, recreational Trampoline & Tumbling (T&T) course created for the non-traditional gymnast and uses trampolines, double-mini, Tumble Trak, and floor. These classes are perfect for conditioning, enhancing tumbling skills, and increasing strength needed for other sports and activities, such as cheerleading, dance, marital arts, snowboarding, skiing, Parkour, wrestling, etc.

Flip Force Program

Flip Force Beginner Schedule

Flip Force Intermediate Schedule

Flip Force Advanced Schedule


  • When your child is enrolled in more than 1 class per week within the same month, you will receive 20% off the lesser tuition class(es) per month. Excludes Home School Fitness Classes.


  • Sibling Tuition Discount (per month): Second member = 15% off; Third member = 25% off; Fourth Member = 50% off; Fifth+ Member = FREE. Sibling discounts do not apply to pro-rated tuition. Lesser tuitions will receive the applicable highest discount. Excludes Home School Fitness Classes.