News and Updates

Congratulations, Level 6 Boys Team for bringing home the 4th Place Team trophy! Individual highlights for our Level 6's include:

AGES 7-8: 

  • Amani Blessman: 2nd AA; 1st on Floor, Rings, & P Bars; 5th on Pommel, Vault, & High Bar
  • Shea Dickerson: 7th AA; 4th on High Bar, 5th on Floor, 7th on Pommel & Vault, 9th on Rings, 10th on P Bars
  • Lucas Carlson: 8th AA; 3rd on High Bar, 5th on Rings, 8th on Pommel, 10th on Floor & Vault

AGE 10: 

  • Riley Blaylark: 4th on Floor, 8th on P Bars, 10th on Rings
  • Adam Asleson: 7th on Floor, 8th on Vault


Congratulations Boys! We are so proud of you all!


Congratulations, Level 5 Boys Team! Individual highlights for our Level 5's include:

AGES 11+ (Out of 32) :

  • Francis Smith: 4th AA; 1st on High Bar, 3rd on Rings, 5th on Vault, 6th on P Bars
  • Ryan Benedeix: 3rd on Floor, 6th on Vault, 10th on Rings


Congratulations Boys! We are so proud of you all!

Congratulations, Optionals Girls Team! Individual highlights for our Optional Girls (Levels 7-9) include:

LEVEL 8 (Jr C - Out of 19):

  • Elizabeth Hallum: 2nd on Floor

LEVEL 8 (Jr D - Out of 20):

  • Sierra Carmello: 8th AA; 1st on Vault, 3rd on Bars & Floor
  • Reine Strain: 8th on Bars

LEVEL 8 (Jr F - Out of 20):

  • Taite Fischer: 6th AA; 1st on Beam, 2nd on Floor, 10th on Vault


Individual highlights for our Trampoline & Tumbling Team (T&T) include:


  • Carter Wilkinson (Ages 7 & 8, L3): 1st on Double-Mini, 2nd on Trampoline, 2nd on Tumbling


Congratulations, Optionals Girls Team! Individual results for our Optional Girls (Levels 7-9) include:

LEVEL 7 - AGES 7-10 (out of 27)

  • Annelise Skinner: 4th AA; 3rd on Beam, 6th on Vault, 7th on Bars & Floor
  • Morgan Tholl: 2nd on Beam, 5th on Bars
  • Samantha Canniff: 8th on Floor

LEVEL 8 - JUNIOR 12 (out of 31)

Congratulations to our Level 8 Boys for bringing home the 4th place team trophy; winning 3rd on Pommel & High Bar, 4th on Rings, Vault, & P Bars! Individual highlights include:

AGES 11 & 12:

  • Seth Dickerson: 4th on Pommel
  • Gabriel Coleman: 5th on High Bar
  • Zachary Sanders: 6th on Rings

AGES 13 & 14

Congratulations to our Level 6 Boys for bringing home the 1st place team trophy winning 1ST ON ALL 6 EVENTS! Individual highlights include:

AGES 7 & 8:

  • Amani Blessman: 1st AA; 1st on Floor, Pommel, Rings, P Bars & High Bar; 3rd on Vault
  • Shea Dickerson: 2nd AA; 2nd on all 6 events!
  • Lucas Carlson: 3rd AA; 2nd on High Bar, 3rd on Floor, Pommel & Rings, 4th on Vault & P Bars

AGES 9 & 10:

Congratulations to our Level 5 Boys Team for earning 6th place team (out of 15), winning 2nd on Vault, 3rd on Floor, and 4th on Pommel! Individual highlights include:

AGE 7:

  • Nikita Khrapov: 2nd AA; 2nd on Floor & High Bar, 3rd on Vault, 4th on Pommel

AGE 9 (out of 29):

  • Dain Gibson: 5th on Vault

AGES 11+:

Congratulations to our Level 4 Boys Team for earning 4th place team (out of 14), winning 3rd on Vault & P Bars, 4th on Floor, and 5th on High Bar! Individual highlights include:

AGE 6:

  • Ryan Olson: 4th AA; 1st on Floor & Vault, 2nd on Rings & High Bar
  • Reese Dickerson: 3rd on Vault

AGES 7-8 (out of 48):

Individual highlights for our Xcel Team Girls include:

BRONZE - 8 YRS (out of 48):

  • Raegan Nordin: 5th on Floor; 20th AA

BRONZE - 11+ YRS (out of 24):

  • Megan Sporney: 5th on Beam


  • Stella Glode: 4th on Beam