Preschool Gymnastics Program

Our Preschool Gymnastics Program is co-ed and divided into two sections:

  • Cubs 1 (3-year-olds) 
  • Cubs 2 (4-year-olds)

In these classes students work independently with their coach and learn basic gymnastic skills as well as balance, coordination, tumbling, and cognitive development skills. Participants develop self-confidence, good motor coordination and self-discipline in a fun, safe, and positive environment. During class, students interact with each other and their coach while engaging in active learning. They learn useful skills while increasing their fine motor skills, flexibility, spatial awareness, balance, coordination, self-confidence, self-discipline, and listening skills. Students also learn how to take turns, wait in line, dance, jump, climb, run, laugh, roll, and follow directions.

This class is held in our Tots Gym, which is filled with specially-designed, "toddler-sized" equipment, obstacle courses, Tumble Trak, foam pit, and dance floor. The Tots Gym has its own entrance, cubbies, bathrooms, and seating area.

Tiger Cubs Class Schedule